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Privacy Policy

Preservation of Privacy

According to the article 13 of the law n.196 of June 30th 2003

Aims and modalities of the treatment

The data provided will be treated and preserved with the security guarantees and the secret forecast by the law n.196 of June 30th 2003; the data will be used exclusively to answer your request of information and/or bookings in the affiliated structures and/or for the mailing of our information, in addition to the obligations forecast by the law. The treatment of the data can take place through paper, telematics and automatic modalities. The provided data will not be in any way given, at any title, to third parties, except with the consent of the interested party.

Nature of the provision

The nature of the provision of the data has a facultative character. However, the data is necessary to deliver the requested service and for the fiscal declarations. So, in case the data should not be provided it is impossible to deliver part of some activities to the client. Therefore the mailing of the form by the client authorising the treatment of the data, according to the modalities indicated in the previous paragraph, is necessary.

Typology of data gathered and treated

1) Data provided on a voluntary basis by the interested party at the moment of the mailing of communications or for the access to areas or for the delivery of services or communications. To access to particular areas of the site or to access to particular services, you are requested, at a facultative title, an explicit and voluntary consent to the registration of data consisting in alpha numeric characters which, through their elaboration or association with other data could allow the identification of the interested party. The facultative mailing, explicit and voluntary, of electronic mails, or other communications, to the addresses indicated on this site, leads to the successive registration of the address of the interested party, useful and necessary to the formulation of an answer or to the delivery of the services, in addition to the other eventual personal data provided by the interested party in the communication. The interested party is invited not to provide sensible information as stated in art. 4 letter d) Law n. 196/2003, whether its own or belonging to third parties, in particular related to health, without having previously given the own consensus to the treatment according to the forma provided by the law.

2) Data of navigation

The computerised and telematics systems and the software procedures used for the functioning of this site are gathering, in the course of their normal exercise, some data having a personal character, which transmission is implicit for the use of protocols of telematics communication or is useful for a better management and optimization of the site (IP addresses, URL addresses, name of address site, dimension of the files, parameters related to the operational system of the interested party). Such an acquisition, that takes place only for statistic scopes or to monitor the correct functioning of the site, does not have commercial scopes, nor is in any way aimed to the identification of the interested party and is performed through technologies server side, managed and administrated by the owner of the treatment.

Rights of the interested party

The interested party can at any time use the rights of the art. 7 of the law n. 196/2003 among which ask to modify, integrate, update, confirm or cancel the data. Such rights can be used through the following modalities:

Send an email at the address: Send a registered letter (with return receipt) at the address: Corso Tacito 101, 05100 Terni (TR) Italy

Owner of the treatment and places of storage of the data

The owner of the treatment of the data is Green Consulting snc, Tacito 101, 05100 Terni (TR) Italy.
All the material part of the present site, the electronic communications before they are received and the navigation data are kept on the servers of Green Consulting, located at the server farm of Fast Web, Via Caracciolo 51, 20155 Milan (MI) Italy. All the other data are kept in the operational headquarters of the company in Via Braccini 5, 05100 Terni (TR) Italy.

ART. 13 Law. 196/2003 (Information)

l. The interested party or the person which personal data is gathered are previously informed, by voice or in a written way, regarding:
a) the aims and modalities of the treatment to which is belonging the data;
b) the compulsory or facultative nature of the delivery of the data;
c) the consequences of an eventual refusal to answer;
d) the subjects or the categories to which the personal data could be communicated or that can be informed in quality of responsible or in charge and in the area of diffusion of the data itself;
e) the rights of the art. 7;
f) the identification of the owner and, if applying, of the representing person in the territory of the State as in art. 5 and of the responsible. When the owner has identified more responsible persons and indicated at least one of them, it should indicate the site of the communication network or the modalities through which it is possible to get in an easy way the updated list of the responsible persons. When a person in charge to answer to the interested parties requests in case of exercise of the rights of the art. 7 has been identified, such responsible is indicated.
2. The information of the first paragraph also includes the elements forecast by specific dispositions of the present code and may not include the elements already communicated by the person that provides the data or which knowledge can be a concrete obstacle to the realisation, by a public subject, of functions of control and inspection aiming to defend the State, or of prevention, check or repression of offences.
3. The guarantee person can individuate, with its own means, simplified modalities for the information given in particular by the telephone services of assistance and information of the public.
4. If the personal data is not gathered by the interested subject, the information of the paragraph 1 including the categories of data collected, is given a date by the interested subject itself at the moment of the registration of the data or, when their communication is forecast, not after the first communication.
5. the disposition of paragraph 4 does not apply when:
a)The data is collected on the basis of an obligation forecast by the law, a regulation or a community norm;
b)The data is collected in order to perform defensive investigations forecast by the 1aw 7 December 2000 n. 397 or, in any case, in order to defend a right in a judiciary process, agreed that the data has to be treated exclusively for such goal and during the period strictly necessary for this.
c)The information of the interested party implicates the use of means that the guarantee, establishing eventual appropriate measures, declares clearly disproportionate with respect to the protected right, which means that reveals to the opinion of the guarantee impossible.

ART. 7 D. Law 196/2003 (Right to access to personal data and other rights)

l. The interested party has the right to obtain the confirmation of the existence or not of the personal data concerning himself, although they are not yet registered, and to obtain their communication in an intelligible way.
2. The interested party has the right to obtain the indication:
a) of the origin of the personal data;
b) of the aims and modalities of the treatment;
c) of the logic applied in case of treatment performed with the use of electronic devices.
d) of the identification details of the owner, of the responsible persons and of the representing person indicated according to art. 5, comma 2;
e) of the categories of subjects to which the personal data can be communicated or that can be informed in quality of representing person identified in the territory by the responsible person or the persons in charge.
3. The interested party has the right to obtain:
a) the update, the correction or, when of interest, the integration of the data;
b) the cancellation, the transformation in an anonymous form or the blockage of the data collected in violation of the law, including the data which holding is not necessary with respect to the scopes for which the data has been collected or successively treated;
c) the attestation that the operations indicated at the letters a) and b) have been communicated, also regarding their contents, to those to which the data has been transmitted or diffused, with the exception of the case in which such operation should result impossible or would lead to the use of means clearly disproportionate with respect to the protected right.
4. The interested party has the right to oppose himself, entirely or in part:
a) for legitimate reasons to the collection of personal data concerning himself, although pertinent with the scope of the collection;
b) to the collection of personal data concerning himself aiming at sending advertising material or direct selling or for the achievement of market researches or commercial communications.

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