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How to Book

To book an hotel, a country farm house, a bed & breakfast or any kind of accommodation in one of the structures present in the pages of Parsian Group Hotels you can contact our booking centre
By calling, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm from Monday to Saturday, at the phone number (+39) 0744 433524
via e-mail at the web address
filling the form you find in the page Customer Service
or forwarding directly your request through the various solutions offered by the website and explained afterwards.


This service will allow you to select a group of accommodation structures by defining characteristics such as category, availability for certain dates and city area;
From the list that will appear, it will be possible for you to visit the site of each structure, or to go directly to the booking phase.
In the first case, in the site of the hotel, bed & breakfast or country farm house, it will be possible to have a look at the offers and last minute, but also to proceed directly to the booking by filling the arrival and departure dates wanted and the type pf room or apartment.
Otherwise, from the list of the accommodation structures, it is possible through the button "booking" to go directly to the check of the availability and to the choice of eventual additional conditions offered by the selected structure.
In the case the structures also offer particular promotions or last minute, the access to the pages with the details of the offers and the procedures for the relative booking will always been underlined through apposite buttons.

Booking »


This service presents the list of the promotions running at the moment in the structures of the city of Iran, that you con look at as a free list, or through the choice of options related to the locality or the category of accommodation.
Inside each offer can be presented one or more options you can book thanks to the button leading directly to the registration procedure;
In any case, it will be possible for you to visit the site of the receptive structure through the link towards the list of the results, to check other kinds of incentives and eventually to book directly.

Offers »

Events Offers

During some particular periods of the year when there are events and manifestations, the structures of the website Parsian Group Hotels are offering some specific offers you can look at simply selecting the options locality and category.
In the list coming out it will be possible, as always, to go through the button book and reach the last phase of the booking, or to decide to have a look in detail at the site of the structure and eventually check other types of offers.

Events Offers »

Last Minute

This service gives you the list of the offers having a deadline within 15 days;
It will be possible for you to select the criteria such as the locality and the category, in order to proceed to more targeted researches.
You can book the offered solutions through the apposite button that will guide you towards the last phase of the registration procedure and, in any case, the link to the structure remains available in order to have access to all the useful information and eventually check the other types of offers in course.

Last Minute »

List of the Structures

In all the lists of hotels, country farm houses or bed & breakfast present on the site Parsian Group Hotels, such as for example in the page dedicated to the Esfahan Hotels, you can find the links towards the sites of the structures, but you can also get directly to the check of the availability of the chosen solution through the button book in the period you want.
In the case the structure results still available, it will be possible to chose the type of room or apartment you prefer and finally to proceed to the registration of the booking.

Sites of the Structures

In each one of the sites of the structures, you will find listed all the types of offers available: last minute, offers and offers events;
In addition to that, in the booking page it is always possible to check the availability of a certain structure at a certain period and to eventually proceed with the definition of the booking.

Booking Confirmation

At the end of each booking procedure, in order to refine the registration to the service, you will be asked, if you are not already an user of the website, to register to this one through the filling of some personal data which treatment is guaranteed according to the norms on the protection of personal data: Privacy Policy
In order to confirm your booking, you will be required to do the following:

  • Leave your credit card Number as a guaranty, if you are paying for a hotel.
  • Make a credit transfer, or pay with your credit card, in case of a partial payment with deposit.

Terms of cancellation

If you pay directly at the hotel, you can cancel your booking without charge not later than 3 days before your check in day; after such date, should you communicate your impossibility to present yourself, the hotel will charge the 35% of the total ammount on your credit card, informed as guarantee when did the reservation.
On the other hand in case you cancel the reservation the same check in day or should you not arrive to the hotel without having previously given any communication, the hotel will charge the ammount of the first night as compensation for the missing profit provoked.

Anyway some accommodations will apply their own cancellation policy that will be informed during the booking process and also informed in the confirmation voucher.

PREPAID/NOT REFUNDABLE rooms will make an exception, as the rate will be charged from the credit card and they will be "not refundable" in case of cancellation or "no show".

Have a nice stay with the staff of Parsian Group Hotels

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